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Quality Policy

All employees shall follow the following procedure continually on the site. The initial responsibility will lie with the actual worker himself and then up through his foreman/site supervisor to the safety officer who has the authority to take appropriate actions in liaison with the Project Manager if the conditions are breached.

Quality improvement shall be an ongoing process and shall be a natural part of our day-to-day operations. Our aim is for all deliveries to be completely error-free(0errors).This is a long-term goal based on the belief that we can never accept errors. Our quality improvements shall be continuous, even if we have achieved a very low error frequency.

Management must mean a committed undertaking to the quality work. Managers at all levels within the company must be assessed on the basis of, amongst other things, the quality objectives achieved.

Every employee is responsible for the quality of his or her own work and for monitoring quality compliance in the work process. We shall strive to ensure that everything we do is right first time.

Choosing either productivity or quality is not the way we do things, for us-striving to ensure both, is. Marketing and sales activities must only create expectations that the product can meet.

When it comes to quality, we regard deliveries from one department or manufacturing section to another as just as important as deliveries to external customers.

Complaints must be action with all possible Speed and efficiency. The handling must be characterized by care for the customer.

We will fully understand our customer requirements and are committed to meeting the expectations of our customers, both internal and external.

We will set ourselves an annual target of improvement in everything we do.

Al Wajeha Al Thahabiya Contracting shall be the best in the industry at supplying the right quality of product and meeting agreed delivery dates. The products and services that we provide shall correspond to customers’ expressed requirement so that this becomes a critical factor in the decision to do business with us.

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